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NZ Artillery in the post-Vietnam era

New Zealand artillery has undergone major reorganisation since the end of the Vietnam War. The relationship between the Regular Force and Territorial Force has altered several times and is currently undergoing serious change.

    3 Field Regiment
    16 Field Regiment
    School of Artillery
    Directorate of Artillery


School of Artillery

Established October 1, 1948 at Waiouru Camp, the School of Artillery is responsible for the advanced technical and tactical training of all RNZA officers and soldiers. Like all other units, the School of Artillery has undergone various reorganisations over the years. It is currently a sub-unit of 16 Fd Regt.

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Directorate of Artillery

The Directorate of Artillery was a section of the Army General Staff, Defence Headquarters, responsible for policy and planning.

    History and Function of the Directorate, 1885 - 1990
    List of Directors