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Sinai location Kiwi Gunners in the Multinational Force and Observers (Sinai)
Steve Harvey
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It's often said that gunners are multi-talented lads. This was well demonstrated when I followed four other gunners in service with the MFO (Sinai). I was posted from November 1997 to May 1998.

The role of the MFO is to monitor the peace accords of troop and equipment numbers and their proximity to the Egypt/Israel border. It comprises 11 nations including New Zealand. The Kiwi contingent formed a Heavy Lift Transport Section and the Training Advisory Team of which I was a member. My job consisted of training observation site commanders and then testing their soldiers on minimum skills required to operate in these sites.

Highlights of the tour had to be working with the diverse people from other nations, getting time off to view historical battle sites from Masada to Alamein, to the site of the Yom Kippur War. The impression I formed from our efforts was that the Kiwi soldier can still hold his own, man for man, with the rest of the world.

Steve Harvey
Staff Sergeant
Sergeant Major Instructor Gunnery (Technical)
School of Artillery
November 2000
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