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2nd Field Regiment NZA Prepares for War

A Gunner's View
373649 Arthur H Paddison, 2nd Field Regiment, NZA

Arthur H. Paddison is a New Zealander who served overseas with 2NZEF (World War 2) with 7 Anti-Tank Regiment in 31 Anti-Tank Battery and 34 Mortar Battery. He is a member of the Horowhenua Artillery Association and the RNZA Association. This is his account of his introduction to life in the artillery, when he joined the 2nd Field Regiment.

Civilian into Soldier
Part 1 Joining Up
Part 2 We are Clothed
Part 3 Gun Crews
Part 4 Basic Training
Part 5 Specialist Training
Part 6 Promotion
Rank brings Responsibility
Part 1 Field Artillery
Part 2 Moving the Guns
Part 3 Manoeuvres at Foxton
Part 4 Guns and Tractors
Part 5 Soft Ground
Part 6 Food
Part 7 Waiouru

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