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Charlie 2 Gun, 162 Battery, at Kapyong

16 Field Regiment RNZA in Korea

by Tony Tustin

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C2 gun The photograph at right is of the 25-pounder known as Charlie 2 gun of 162 Battery, on full recoil with the No 2 using the rammer to trip the LBM (lever, breech mechanism). This picture was taken with a box Brownie camera during the second day of the battle at Kapyong in what we called the Cherry Orchard position. I understand that it is not far from where the Kapyong Middle school now stands.

Gun: Charlie 2 162 Battery
No 1. ???
No 2 Gnr Farrell??
No 3 Lbdr Hamilton
No 4 Gnr Shepperd
Dress standard, typical

The guns had fired plus of 300 rounds each during the previous night. Note the box of "C" rations (combat rations US Army) tied to the trail with the overall cover and spade box.

Tony Tustin
16 Fd Regt, RNZA
October, 2000

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